Engineering For Change Webinar

How to Manage Global Supply Chains to Developing Countries

Do you have an idea for a product that can make a difference, but have no idea what the next steps should be to get it to market? Is your organization engaged in projects in developing countries in Asia, Africa or Latin America, and do you need need to procure goods from global suppliers?

Learn to handle these challenges at the next E4C webinar, presented by Trade Without Borders (TWB). TWB specializes in trading services for global suppliers and local organizations within underserved communities, and has developed the SOLAGEO platform to expand clean energy access.

Join us at the E4C webinar for practical insights on:

  • Product Development:  Successfully taking your product from concept to launch, scaling up manufacturing while avoiding the pitfalls along the way
  • The basics of global logistics management: Getting products to challenging markets
  • Establishing sustainable distribution within underserved markets

About E4C’s Webinar Series:

The Engineering for Change (E4C) Webinar Series promotes emerging ideas and connects you with a passionate community of engineers and development practitioners who want to make a difference. Each online seminar broadens your expertise, builds your knowledge of new opportunities and shows you how technology-based solutions are being used to address real-world challenges in underserved communities.

The webinar will be March 25 at 10am Eastern Time. Register Here.


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