UofT students Sandra and Jessica got accepted into the EWH Summer Institute!

Two of our very own EWH UofT chapter members, Jessica Tomasi and Sandra Fiset, have been accepted into the EWH Summer Institute program! Congratulations! They are two of seventy participants chosen from applicants all around the world in a highly competitive application process and are both deferring to start in the summer of 2016. We’re so excited for you both!

About the Summer Institute program The EWH Summer Institute sends students and young professionals in engineering and science to Nicaragua, Rwanda, and Tanzania, where their skills are put to use repairing medical equipment that saves patients’ lives. Summer Institute participants spend nine weeks in-country. During the first month, students are paired and live with a local family, take language classes, and undergo rigorous training in how to diagnose and repair broken medical equipment. In the second month, students are deployed in pairs to local hospitals and clinics where they install and repair medical equipment, train and work with local staff, take inventory, solve problems and perform other engineering duties. In Rwanda, there is additional emphasis on design, innovation and product production for under-resourced areas.

More from the successful UofT applicants

Jessica Tomasi


“I chose to study engineering because I knew that I wanted to make a positive, tangible contribution to the lives of everyday people. While I have fostered a passion for science and math for as long as I can recall, I distinctly remember the day I was inspired to pursue international servant leadership. In 2008 and again in 2009, I was fortunate enough to travel to different parts of the developing world; those experiences motivated me through an undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Bioengineering and continue to do so in my graduate studies. I truly believe that engineering can be a powerful link between science and service and that the Engineering Word Health Summer Institute is the embodiment of what Clinical Engineering means to me. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to apply what I have learned to sustainably improving health care in the third world, and especially to represent U of T’s EWH chapter in 2016.​”

Sandra Fiset


“My passion for travel started at a young age when my parents uprooted our family to Mali and subsequently, to Uganda. Although we came back to Ottawa where I spent the majority of my youth and pursued a post-secondary education in Biomedical Engineering at Carleton University, I have always felt a deep connection with Africa. It was through some of my recent travel experiences (to Ghana), that I realized how truly important international development is to me and that I wanted to contribute to the growth of developing nations. As I am currently working towards a master’s degree in Clinical Engineering, it is my strong belief that technology is paramount in healthcare. I am confident that the Engineering World Health (EWH) summer institute will allow me to take part in bringing health technology to developing countries. I cannot wait to represent the University of Toronto’s EWH chapter in Tanzania!”

Congratulations once again to our two EWH UofT chapter members on getting accepted to the EWH Summer Institute program!


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