Elections 2015

Voting is now closed, the results will be published here soon.

Voting has opened! Read about the candidates and cast your vote here.

We are no longer accepting applicants for the 2015 elections

EWH UofT will be holding elections for the upcoming calendar. Interested candidates should submit a blurb before September 27th at 11:59 pm. Online voting period will start on September 28th and end October 1st at 11:59 pm. An info meeting will be held at 4:00 pm on September 25th at 160 College St (Room 1110, 11th floor). Come by if you are interested in knowing what EWH is about or if you would like to introduce yourself and tell us why you are interested in joining the EWH exec team. The results from the voting will be sent out via email to all candidates on October 2nd and to all EWH UofT members on October 3rd.

As a U of T organization, all of our positions are open for candidacy. While many of the current exec are keen to continue, we would also like to see a turnover on many positions to bring in new students to the organization. Please use the form on the bottom of this page to submit your candidacy blurb or come to our info meeting on September 25th to introduce yourself in person.

Available Positions

  • President(s)
    • Oversee the organization. Help all branch directors when needed.
  • Engineering Director
    • Organize engineering workshops about basic circuitry, soldering and other useful skills for medical equipment repair.
  • Education Director
    • Organize documentary screenings, info sessions (including EWH Summer Institute) and implement educational kits bridging science and global health to be used in Toronto classrooms in partnership with Let’s Talk Science.
  • Innovation Director
    • Lead multidisciplinary teams of undergraduate and graduate students working on projects chosen from the EWH Catalogue.
  • Finance director
    • Apply for club funding/departmental funding/external funding
    • Budget for events
    • Maintain finance records
  • Event Director
    • Booking rooms
    • Make sure event logistics stay on track
    • Ensure refreshments for events
  • Marketing Director x2 (Undergrad and Grad rep for advertising)
    • Make sure marketing schedule is on track (advertise early)
    • Have advertisements material ready
    • Delegate which student groups to market to
    • Put up posters and post to social media
  • Graphics Designer
    • Design flyers for the EWH UofT events.
  • Event Photographer(s)
    • Take photos and put together collages from EWH UofT events.
  • Webmaster
    • Maintain this website.
  • Communications Director
    • Ensure regular meetings take place
    • Send reminders ahead time and schedule via Doodle
    • Book meeting room ahead of time
    • Email correspondence with executive committee, student members, and external
    • Liaison with marketing director
  • Symposium Director(s)
    • Organize the annual EWH symposium.

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