8th Annual GSAGH Symposium

The Graduate Student Alliance for Global Health (GSAGH) at the University of Toronto is hosting its 8th Annual GSAGH Symposium on March 18th. The overarching theme for this year’s symposium is migration and health.

The popular Canadian narrative in relation to our treatment of immigrants and refugees has emphasized our Canadian generosity, compassion and welcoming arms. However, through deconstructing this narrative, an unfortunate reality is revealed: in Canada, we have not always done our best to promote and safeguard health for migrants to our country. In fact, there have been several policies and practices that have directly threatened the health of those who choose to make our country their new home. The objectives of GSAGH’s 2016 symposium, Improving Canada’s Migration Report Card: Steps Forward, are two-fold:

  • To examine Canada’s track record on migrant health (historically and present-day)
  • To highlight steps we can take to be true leaders in migrant health through: showcasing positive examples of efforts to advance migrant health, identifying gaps to be addressed, and proposing concrete recommendations for future action

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