Engineering World Health

Thanks for attending our Ideathon!


On Sunday Feb 28th, EWH-UofT hosted our inaugural Ideathon event!

We kicked off the day with an inspiring and informative panel composed of members from Health Mission Outreach, World Spine Care, and Engineers Without Borders. During the panel, it became clear just how important creating solutions collaboratively on the ground is to success. Many thanks to Ben Draskovic, Dr. Patricia Tavares, Dr. Lun Hangfu, and Dr. David Gorendar for taking the time to join us early on a Sunday morning and share their stories and insight with us, and thank you to Faye Simmonds of eHealth Africa for putting together an extremely comprehensive video as a perfect intro to the day!

Following suit was a fun and fast-paced workshop with Hadi Salah, co-founder of Hacking Health and Manager of Health Ecosystem Partnerships at MaRS. In this workshop, we were encouraged to put Canadian healthcare innovation on the map and learned techniques on how to drive creation of innovative healthcare solutions with tools like Nesta’s Fast Idea Generator.
The teams worked hard in the afternoon to solve the world’s toughest global health issues. Fuelled by pizza (many thanks to the Hatchery!), the solutions our multidisciplinary teams came up with were thought-provoking, unique, and inspiring. Our extremely well-versed judging panel was so impressed with the calibre of work our students demonstrated in just a few hours of work. A huge thank you to Kiruba Krishnaswamy, Arvind Karir, and Uttam Bajwa for their thoughtful and thorough feedback– what an invaluable experience for our teams!
All in all it was a fun, and inspiring event. Hoping everyone left the same way we did… full from pizza and hungry for change!