Science Rendezvous

Science Rendezvous is an annual festival promoting scientific discovery to kids through hands-on activities. This year’s event at University of Toronto’s St. George Campus took place on May 7th 2016 along St. George St. and was a daylong affair. With the theme “Superheroes: Discover Your Superpower”, a diverse set of labs and student groups banded together to showcase amazing feats of science and engineering, and to inspire kids to see the wonders of science. Highlights included:

  • a “hardware hackathon” for kids to build boats and robots using recycled materials
  • a robotic car derby
  • solar-powered cars
  • unleashing the energy in candy
  • using alternative sustainable high sources of protein such as crickets and meal worms in the form of brownies and cookies
  • local trees and plants in the greater Ontario area
  • running on non-Newtonian fluid and many more! 

EWHUofT hosted a booth on “Superpowers 1010: Basic circuitry with Engineering World Health U of T”. We showed students the “power” of electrical circuits with an emergency light blinker circuit that kids could analyze and troubleshoot. Kids were given a brief overview on how basic circuits work. They were shown an incomplete circuit that they were asked to complete using a wire on a breadboard.  We got a lot of curious kids visiting our booth and asking several questions, it was a great day!

Also, a big “thank you” to the EWHUofT-volunteers Prabu Parameshwar, Shiva Ghasemi Dehkordi and Hang Li for all their work during the event!


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