Engineering World Health (EWH) is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2008, aiming to mobilize the biomedical engineering community to improve the quality of health care in hospitals in resource-poor communities. The University of Toronto chapter of EWH (EWH–UofT) is a student-led organization that was established in August 2014. We aim to motivate and mobilize the student community to improve health care in low- and middle-income countries. To implement our mission, we focus our efforts in the following areas.



  • Provide UofT students with hands-on training in medical equipment repair
  • Collect old medical equipment donated from local hospitals for training purposes
  • Volunteer at non-profit medical equipment donation charity organizations that support hospitals in low- and middle-income countries



  • Spread awareness about the EWH Summer Institute program that sends students to low- and middle-income countries to fix broken medical equipment in hospitals
  • Organize the annual EWH–UofT Symposium
  • Organize global health awareness-promoting science activities at local Toronto schools in partnership with Let’s Talk Science
  • Hold global health documentary screenings with post screening discussion


Screenshot from 2016-01-31 11-02-30

  • Organize hackathons to innovate new projects to tackle global health challenges
  • Engage senior year engineering undergraduates in year-long design projects
  • Participate in the annual EWH design competition



EWH UofT Exec

EWHUofT 2015-2016 Exec Team_unedited (2).jpg

From left to right:

Nika, Engineering Director, is a PhD student in the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering and has been an executive member of Engineering World Health at UofT for two years. She has a passion for mobilizing engineers to drive innovation and apply their problem solving skills to tackle global health issues.

Charles, Engineering Director, is a senior PhD in Biomedical Engineering. As the Co-Director of Engineering, he hosts hands-on training modules that aim to equip students with the skills necessary to repair broken medical equipment.

Hank, Communications Director, is a 4th year undergraduate Biomedical Engineering (NΨ!) student at UofT with research interests in developing low cost prostheses. He ensures smooth and effective communication between and within the executive and non-executive members of EWH UofT.

Daniel, Education Director, is a first-year Mechanical Engineering student who has a love for designing things that have an impact. He has experience designing better helmets for high-impact sports and 3D scanners for the low-cost custom prosthetic limbs space.

Christine, Marketing Director, is a 3rd year undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student. Her passion towards global health led to travelling to various countries, and she is looking for more opportunities! She looks forward to meeting all of you =)

Michael, Marketing Director, is a second year Biomedical Engineering M.Sc student at the Intelligent Assistive Technology and Systems Lab (IATSL) at Toronto Rehab. His research is focused on automated assessment of Parkinson’s disease motor symptom severity through video analysis. He is a self-professed foodie who enjoys running and board games.

Eshani, Event Director, is a Clinical Engineering M.Sc student. She looks forward to interacting with new people and putting her best foot onward for many on-going challenging projects. She loves to help out either in campus or in the community!

Jennifer, Symposium Director & Graphic Designer, is a PhD candidate in Stem Cell Bioengineering. She is very much inspired by the passionate EWH team (as well as the stimulating discussions at the Symposium last year!) and is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside them again. She enjoys travelling (and planning), photography, graphics design, and building relationships 🙂

Joel, IT & Analytics Director, is really just a webmaster with a fancy title. He is a third year PhD student in Stem Cell Bioengineering and has been with EWH UofT from its inception. He thinks the best thing with Toronto are all the outdoor ice hockey rinks!

Nimalan, President 

Shreya, President, is a final year PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering. Her thesis work focuses on generating progenitor T cells from hematopoietic and pluripotent stem cells for immunotherapeutic applications. As a proud member and co-founder of the EWH UofT chapter, she is inspired by seeing so many talented people dedicate their time to mobilizing the UofT student community to improve healthcare in low- and middle- income countries. In the near future, she hopes to launch a productive career in designing new cellular technologies that incorporate gene editing, stem cell engineering and adoptive T cell therapy for clinical applications.

Tricia, Innovation Director, holds a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Systems: Computational Intelligence and Design from the University of British Columbia. She started her Master of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering at IATSL in the Fall of 2015. Her thesis work will focus on improving the utility and usability of an intelligent powered wheelchair for older adults who may have cognitive or motor impairments. Tricia is the most enthusiastic about biomedical/assistive technology solutions that make a positive difference in the lives of those in need of it. Her passion for outreach has resulted in the production of an original musical that she co-wrote and co-directed alongside her family of 4, which has, since 2013, raised over $116 000 for the development of both local and international communities.


Not in the picture:

Ujala, Finance Director, is currently doing her MSc in Pharmaceutical Science as part of the Macgregor lab. She is also an instructor at St. John Ambulance, where she teaches first aid and CPR. Ujala enjoys teaching, reading, and traveling.

Natalia, Innovation Director, is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry working on development of novel devices and networks for air pollution monitoring. She is passionate about improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare through innovative engineering solutions.

Pouya, Event Photographer, Pouya is a Master’s student in Industrial Engineering and is currently working on the applications of operations research principles, that can be used to improve the efficiencies and eliminate errors in healthcare systems. He also has a very strong passion for photography and has actively been involved in this field for many years taking landscape, portrait, sports, music and event pictures. He is going to capture and share the beautiful moments from the EWH UofT events.

Justina, Marketing Director


EWH UofT Symposium Organizing Committee and Volunteers


From left to right: Shreya, Nimalan, Charles, Sravya, Charissa, Matthew, Jen, Michael, Joel, Hank, Andrew, Eshani

Symposium Director – Jen

Fundraising Committee – Sravya, Ujala, Daniel, Hank, Shreya, Nimalan

Poster Judges – Dr. Moore, Dr. Piccinini, Dr. Wan

Webmaster – Joel

Marketing Committee – Michael, Hank, Shreya, Nimalan, Christine, Justina, Andrew, Ken

IT Committee – Charles, Joel, Andrew

Photographers – Pouya, Andrew, Jen

Logistics Committee – Michael, Sravya, Charissa, Hank, Shreya, Nimalan, Matthew, Cuilian, Thiiban, Rosalyn, Mikael, Eshani

Graphic Designer – Jen

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Zandstra


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