Engineering Workshop in January


Engineering World Health sends students to help return broken medical equipment to service and improve hospital infrastructure around the globe.

In the second installment of our workshop series, we will take the plunge and begin to tackle the challenges of repairing broken equipment! We will be applying our knowledge learned from Workshop 01 to go through the troubleshooting, assessment, and repair process.

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Summary of the Summer Institute Info Session

Thank you for those who came out to our EWH Summer Institute Info Session on Thursday November 26th, 2015. The event was a success!

Students participated in our short interactive AIDS info session and questionnaire as a part of University of Toronto’s AIDS Awareness Week and prizes were given out to our knowledgeable participants!

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Water for the World – Seeking Volunteers for Workshops in March

In the next 25 years, a third of the population will face severe water scarcity. With 20 percent of the world’s total freshwater resources and the longest marine coastline of any country in the world, Canada plays a pivotal role in managing global water resources. The next generation of Canadians must be well equipped to tackle the world’s water challenges. EWB aims to ignite a sense of pragmatism to develop systemic change leaders. The Engineers Without Borders’ Water for the World (WFTW) team is an innovative program that educates young students (grades 5-9) about issues surrounding global access to clean water (website).

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EWH Symposium 2016 Organizing Committee is recruiting!

The Engineering World Health University of Toronto (EWH UofT) Chapter is a student group seeks to inspire and mobilize the UofT community to improve healthcare in low- and middle-income countries. To achieve this mission, we will be hosting our one-day annual symposium in February 2016. This event will include podium presentations and panel discussions given by leading researchers and workers in global health issues, a poster session for students to present their work in the field of engineering and global health, and a networking reception.

To make this happen, we need talented volunteers like you! We are currently seeking for volunteers to help with speaker scheduling, logistics, marketing, and IT/AV system support.

If you would like to take part in organizing this exciting event, please sign up here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Engineering Workshop

The first event of the learn-and-build series is here! We will be providing an introductory course on circuits, giving you an opportunity to do some hands-on electronic building. We will cover how to read circuit diagrams, identify and learn the function of basic electronic components, and get a taste of integrating components onto a circuit board. Non-engineering students are welcome as well! Spaces are limited, register here.


EWH Summer Institute Info Session

Are you interested in applying your technical skills to save lives overseas? Come find out how to participate in an incredible summer program where you can help fix medical devices in Nicuaragua, Rwanda, or Tanzania. Hear from last year’s summer institute students about how to repair broken medical and put them right back into the field to help those who need it most.

The event will be held in the Donnelly Centre Red Seminar Room, 6pm Tuesday, Novermber 24.