Take this short survey to see how much you know about the world today. The question’s are from one of Hans Rosling’s brilliant TED talks.

 Online courses

Many online platforms offer great introductory courses to global health topics. These are often free and you can choose to complete the assignments and earn a certificate or just follow along with the lectures. Three examples of EWH related courses are Global Health Introduction, Basic Circuitry Analyses and Sustainable Development


Donations – Understanding Challenges & Best Practices is a short film by the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society (CMBES) about the benefits and challenges of donating medical equipment to low- and middle-income countries. The film features Ghana Medical Help, just one example of the many organizations across Canada making a difference by providing much needed medical equipment around the world. Important steps to consider when initiating a donation activity are highlighted in the film, along with additional resources. The film is narrated by global health PhD student and EWH UofT member Beverly Bradley!


In August 2014 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked an Independent Expert Advisory Group to make concrete recommendations on bringing about a data revolution in sustainable development. The report is freely available online.

The World Bank has set two ambitious goals to push extreme poverty to no more than 3 percent by 2030, and to promote shared prosperity and greater equity in the developing world. Their database is a great resource to gain insight into what factors can contribute to poverty and how nations have increased the quality of life of their citizens.

Interesting articles from Nature Newsletter 2015-12-02

Expanding the role of diagnostic and prognostic tools for infectious diseases in resource-poor settings OPEN
Azra C. Ghani, Deborah Hay Burgess, Alison Reynolds et al.
Evaluating the impact of pulse oximetry on childhood pneumonia mortality in resource-poor settings OPEN
Jessica Floyd, Lindsey Wu, Deborah Hay Burgess et al.
Understanding the incremental value of novel diagnostic tests for tuberculosis OPEN
Nimalan Arinaminpathy, David Dowdy
Sustainable HIV treatment in Africa through viral-load-informed differentiated care OPEN
Andrew Phillips, Amir Shroufi, Lara Vojnov et al.
Systematic review and meta-analysis of community and facility-based HIV testing to address linkage to care gaps in sub-Saharan Africa OPEN
Monisha Sharma, Roger Ying, Gillian Tarr et al.
Comparison of diagnostics for the detection of asymptomaticPlasmodium falciparum infections to inform control and elimination strategies OPEN
Lindsey Wu, Lotus L. van den Hoogen, Hannah Slater et al.
Assessing the impact of next-generation rapid diagnostic tests onPlasmodium falciparum malaria elimination strategies OPEN
Hannah C. Slater, Amanda Ross, André Lin Ouédraogo et al.
Health-seeking behaviour, diagnostics and transmission dynamics in the control of visceral leishmaniasis in the Indian subcontinentOPEN
Graham F. Medley, T. Déirdre Hollingsworth, Piero L. Olliaro et al.
The role of rapid diagnostics in managing Ebola epidemics OPEN
Pierre Nouvellet, Tini Garske, Harriet L. Mills et al.

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